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Compatibility & Continuity:
The BIOM® 5 is interchangeable with most accessories of the former BIOM® 3 and BIOM® 4 versions.

BIOM 5C Controlled and BIOM 5M Manual available.


The BIOM® 5 is the ideal complement to the SDI® (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter). The BIOM® 5 enables wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery. The observation unit BIOM® can be mounted in a matter of seconds and can be swung into the beam path when needed.

  • Slim & Sleek: Slim, open, lightweight design increases accessibility and maximizes space consumption.
  • Optimized Surgical Efficiency: New reduction lens is designed to optimize the view of the retina and the limbus without the need to refocus during extraocular phases of surgery.
  • Precision Engineered for Maximum Accuracy: high design and manufacturing standards ensure greater stability and precision. Increased durability from selected materials, such as Titanium.
  • Wide-Field in High Definition: The new OCULUS BIOM® HD Disposable Lens is designed to provide superior clarity with wide-angle viewing. This unique design also provides high definition during high magnification, reducing the necessity of a separate lens for macula work.


The Smallest SDI® Ever.

The extremely flat design and ideal light transmission make this inverter an indispensable addition to your microscope for wide-angle observation of the posterior eye segment during surgery.


Automatic Inversion

  • Intelligent automatic inversion activated by the position of the BIOM® 5c
  • Surgeon controlled electronic focus when combined with the BIOM® 5c
  • Multiple BIOM® connectors for increased flexibility and convenience
OCULUS Surgical_OSIS Medical_sdi_4_c
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Motorized Inversion

  • Surgeon controlled electronic inversion
  • Integration into most microscope foot pedals
  • For use with the BIOM® 5m
OCULUS Surgical_OSIS Medical_sdi_4_e
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Manual Inversion

  • For use with the BIOM® 5m
  • No power supply, cables or foot pedal required
OCULUS Surgical_OSIS Medical_sdi_4_c
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