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Leica M320 (NEW)

The Leica M320 with Co-axial LED – Cutting-edge visualization for Electrolysis and new 4K camera.

  • Bundles apochromatic optical quality with cutting-edge LED White Light illumination for unparalleled visualization.
  • Ergonomic articulating binoculars allow you to work comfortably over extended client treatment sessions.
  • High definition optics with White light illumination provides stunning visualizing of even the finest blond hairs for increased precision and workflow.
  • Fine focus feature allow you to remain focused even when depressing clients skin
  • Co-axial LEDs are rated for 60,000hours or 25+ years, removing the inconvenience of changing bulbs and cost of ownership low.

With the Leica M320, Leica Microsystems has created a new industry standard with a variety of unique benefits and features for home or office based business.

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