Microscope Recording Solutions

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Evolution4K Recorder

The Med X Change, Inc. Evolution4K offers the latest in 4K UHD video recording in a compact device all while delivering brilliant 4K UHD video quality designed for both Apple and Windows editing.


  • 1 Terabyte storage
  • LCD Touch screen
  • 2 USB 3.0 auto-archiving ports
  • Archive to multiple devices simultaneously
  • MedXstream Android and IOS app

MediCapture MVR PRO HD or 4K

The MediCapture MVR PRO has full-patient workflow capability including a DICOM option, multi-storage preferences, parallel recording, and an easy built-in touchscreen monitor. It’s capabilities make it easy to manage recorded data.


  • 256GB, 500GB or 1 TB
  • LCD Touch screen for editing, typing and video display
  • Dual HDMI Input for documenting off multiple divices
  • Remote App
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