Microscope Camera Solutions


The MicroREC is an optical system that allows you to capture your microscopic procedures while performing them, without occupying the oculars. With the MicroREC, you can record high-quality microscopy imaging and videos, share them with your students or colleagues, publish on social media, or perform live broadcasting for learning purposes or telemedicine.

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MicroREC Upgrades

MicroREC Universal Cell Phone Adapter

MicroREC Kit

MicroREC Kit with BeamSplitter

HD Medical Camera Leica HD C100

The HD C100 camera is an ideal solution for displaying and capturing your procedures in brilliant high definition. It combines ease of use with flexible formats, and connectivity to meet your workflow needs.

  • Intuitive interface with simple one-touch control
  • Plug and play setup
  • Display of full HD resolution and multiple formats
  • Brilliant image quality at any time during surgery
  • Fast and easy recording
  • Data transfer to external storage devices
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Leica HSC100 Medical Camera

Panasonic 4K Camera Solution

The 4K Ultra HD micro camera provides a 4K resolution of 3840×2160 and a horizotal resolution of 1600TV lines. The camera enables outstanding sharpness, impressively true colors and flicker-free images.

  • User profile function: six original profiles
  • 3MOS sensor
  • Simultaneous 4k/ 2k output
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement
  • Mirror and freeze function
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