Ecolab Microscope Drapes

Ecolab Microscope drapes provide advanced solutions to reduce risk of infectious disease transmission, protect healthcare workers and improve clinical outcomes.



The BIOM® ready provides the retinal surgeon the same unparalleled view they have come to rely on for over 25 years, while addressing the need for maximizing operating efficiency.

Incorporates the new BIOM® HD Disposable Lens for unparalleled visual clarity:

  • HD clarity: Reduces the need for a contact lens.
  • Excellent depth of field: Provides better stereopsis.
  • Full-field clarity: Creates decreased scleral depressing during panretinal laser.


When performing MIGS, surgeons can now attach the gonio lens to the microscope rather than having to hold the gonio lens with one hand. This gives them two free hands for the surgery.

Being able to use both hands for MIGS opens up new possibilities for surgeons and adds a degree of safety for both the surgeon and the patient. The new GONIO ready® will benefit anyone already using a gonio lens.

  • OCULUS quality lens: Offers a smaller footprint for increased peripheral awareness.
  • Unique lens design: Creates better access to the corneal incisions for any MIGS device.
  • Patented Flex System: Offers the ability to let the lens float atop the cornea and therefore reduces image distortion.
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