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OSIS Medical specializes in Leica Surgical Microscopes with applications in Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology, Gyne, Dental and Plastics & Reconstructive.

Introducing the Next Generation in AR Microscopy: Evolved ARveo 8 (NEW)

A Digital Visualization Microscope for Neurosurgery

Leica Microsystems Arveo 8
  • Enhances visualization by adding layers of information to the microscope image so that neurosurgeons can obtain more information while operating on a patient.
  • Combines world-renowned optics with the ability to combine pre- and intraoperative imaging and augmented reality fluorescence, so that neurosurgeons can make precise, confident decisions.
  • Ultra-fast processing reduces latency by 44%* and delivers information to the surgeon faster—further amplifying precision.
  • Enables surgeons to truly work “in the now” with greater confidence for better patient outcomes.
    *Compared to the previous generation ARveo surgical microscope

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Leica Surgical Microscopes

OSIS Medical represents Leica surgical microscopes in Canada. OSIS Medical supports customers with a variety of surgical microscopes and accessories including, Armtec sterile surgical drapes, parts for Leica surgical microscopes and expert certified technical support.

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Premium Medical Microscopy

Leica Microsystems provides premium microscopes that are designed to deliver crisp imaging. In addition, Leica provides microscopy solutions for various medical specialties. Easily integrate digital imaging and recording technology with Leica Microsystems today.

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