True Vision Systems

TrueVision® 3D HD Visualization

TrueVision® is a stereoscopic high-definition visualization system that displays the surgical field of view in real-time on a 3D flat-panel display in the operating room.

Enables surgeons to operate in a “heads up” manner by viewing a large screen instead of traditional microscope oculars, providing an ergonomic and immersive visualization experience for the surgeon and other observers.

Delivers a 3D portal for the integration of external data.

Records 3D surgical video for educational purposes, as well as on-demand and streaming 3D surgical video content for medical meetings.

The old way

TrueVision® is the new way

‘Heads up’ 3D view from the microscope

TrueVision® Benefits

Immersive View: Increased depth of field, big screen immersive experience
Team Synergy: Everyone sees what the surgeon sees
Ergonomics: Reduce fatigue, promote career longevity and comfort
Education: Strong 3D value proposition for residency programs and meeting courses

Surgeons, residents and OR staff can view what traditionally only one or two surgeons could observe through the microscope’s oculars.

Shared visualization is inherently more efficient, with the goal of reducing potential risks to patients.

TrueVideo® 3D Recording and Editing

  • One-touch video recording of surgical procedures
  • Over 3 hours recording capacity
  • TrueEdit® 3D editing software

TrueWare® 3D Imaging Software Features

  • Multiple window panes for surgical view and patient data
  • Seamlessly integrate patient data
  • Live image has up to twice the depth of field compared to the eyepiece optics

3D Visualization System for Microsurgery
Experience enhanced high-definition 3D visualization in the OR on one or several flat panel displays. TrueVision, used for primary or secondary visualization, engages the surgeon and the entire OR staff in a common, immersive 3D experience.

One or more 3D displays can be mounted on the wall, from the ceiling, or on a boom arm in the operating room. The surgical view can be extended to include nearby office and conference rooms.

3D Surgical Video for CMEEducational Courses and Presentations
Take 3D surgical education video on the road for presentations and meetings. TrueVision offers a portable 3D video playback system with 3D 1080p dual projector display. Choose a screen size to fit your needs for small groups to thousands of viewers.

3D Laptop for editing and playback of your video

TrueVision fits to surgical microscopes including Leica OH5 and Zeiss Pentero

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