Leica Microsystems

Surgical Microscope System for Multidisciplinary use
Leica M525 F40

The Leica M525 F40 surgical microscope combines Leica Microsystems’ premium M525 optics, with OptiChrome™ technology, and the new, economical Leica F40 SlimStand™.

Exceptionally bright illumination and outstanding depth of field with extra working distance offer the surgeon the best view.

Designed as a multidisciplinary microscope, the Leica M525 F40 is appropriate for otolaryngology, plastic/reconstructive, and spine procedures.

Convenient positioning

The smallest footprint and longest net reach of any microscope in its class provide convenient positioning in the operating room results in flexibility of use and more comfortable working conditions for the surgeon.

Xenon arc illumination system

The high-performance 300W xenon arc illumination system with halogen back-up lamp provides convenience for the user.

Motorized MultiFoc™ lens

The motorized MultiFoc™ lens provides 207mm to 470mm working distance and makes the microscope adaptable for many specialties.