see-what-you-needThe Leica M320 dental microscope supports you to achieve your goal of delivering excellent surgical outcomes. It provides premium optical quality to enhance your visualization of fine anatomical details and significant ergonomic advantages that help you to work comfortably throughout your career. Plus to support your patient relationships, the full HD camera enables you to explain procedures via video or live image, then transfer the data to patient files for comprehensive documentation.

See exactly what you need to see

See minute anatomical details even in deep or narrow cavities so that you can apply your skills precisely and efficiently.

This helps you to achieve the best possible results, which makes for satisfied, loyal patients.

  • Premium apochromatic optics and two LEDs deliver clear, bright, true-to-life color visualization and minimal cost of ownership.
  • Complete range of objective lenses including the Leica M320 MultiFoc Objective.
  • Optional 5-step magnification changer helps minimize workflow interruption
  • Responds to the needs of different specialties including restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, periodontics and implantology