Your way to precise outcomes
IOL Guidance Systems IOLcompass & 3D TrueGuide

You strive to deliver minimal residual astigmatism so your patient can be glasses-free after cataract surgery. When dealing with miniscule eye structures, there is no room for inaccuracy. Markerless IOL guidance systems available from Leica Microsystems impress with:

Precise, stable and dynamically optimized guidance information
Seamless connectivity with some of the most accurate topographers, plus powerful software algorithms
You avoid a number of potential inaccuracies through the workflow from planning to toric IOL positioning, helping you to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

Precise Input for Precise Outcome

Precise alignment starts with precise reference images and measurements. IOL guidance systems available from Leica Microsystems are fully compatible with some of the most trusted and accurate pre-operative topographers.

IOLcompass Pro and 3D TrueGuide integrate seamlessly with your preferred pre-operative topography device
Based on the precise data from your chosen topographer, the software generates a surgical plan tailored to your patient’s needs
Continue working with the same high accuracy all the way through the procedure thanks to full data connectivity

Integration for Accuracy

Traditional cataract surgeries include manual steps which are time-consuming and may open up the possibility of inaccuracy.

IOLcompass Pro and 3D TrueGuide systems eliminate these steps by offering an intelligent surgical workflow.

No need for manual pre- or intra-operative blue ink marking thanks to automated eye-registration
Data is transferred digitally from your trusted topographer to the planning software to the microscope, avoiding manual input
Change your plan intra-operatively at any stage, and the dynamic software automatically optimizes each subsequent step to continue targeting minimum residual astigmatism