The Hamamatsu PDE-Neo is a revolutionary ICG fluorescent imaging device. The Hamamatsu PDE-Neo is used to view images of blood flow during surgery. Applications include evaluation of tissue perfusion, and related circulation in free flaps. The Hamamatsu PDE can also be used to track lymphs in surgery.* This innovative technique shows considerable promise for mapping lymphedema patients with ICG fluorescence.

  • Upgrade to PDE released in 2014
  • Improved visibility of fluorescence
  • Full color/white light camera built-in
  • Color mapping tool for fluorescent analysis
  • Works with ICG Fluorescence
  • Compact handheld design
  • Budget-friendly buying options
  • Options to purchase with stand, recorder and monitor, or alone
  • Handheld controls for surgeon, as well as separate controls for assistant

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