DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp Set
Multi-Purpose Neuro Head Holder
(non-invasive set-up with Gel Pads and Head Support)
Item-No. 3020-00
Key Features
  • Newborn, pediatric and adult applications – invasive or non-invasive head stabilization
  • Accommodates two rigid or two non-invasive carriers, plus one non-invasive head support
    for cranial stabilization and cranial fixation
  • 3-pin rigid cranial fixation or 4-pin cranial fixation for better pressure distribution
  • QR3 Quick-Rail® technology for quick connection of accessories like the new DORO LUNA® Retractor System as well as Retractor Arms and Halo Retractor Systems
  • Two torque screw options: 360N/80lbs and 90N/20-lbs
  • Neuro “Navigation ready”

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DORO® Abbott Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp Set, Pediatric
– Pediatric Head Holder Set
Item-No 3021-00  
DORO® Universal Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp Set
– Pediatric Skull Clamp and Adult Skull Clamp Head Holder Set

Item-No 3022-00 all inclusive pediatric and adult set.