DORO® Headrest Systems

DORO® Headrest Systems are designed as mechanical head fixation support systems which are used in neurosurgery, head and neck- as well as ENT surgery. These skull clamp and head rest systems allow to position and secure the patient’s head optimally for the operation.

A neurosurgical head holder system is a device used to secure the patient’s head position during surgical procedures. Accessories like neuro navigation devices, retractor systems, head frames and other accessories may be attached to the skull clamp.

DORO LUCENT® Headrest Systems

DORO LUCENT® Headrest Systems are used in head and neck surgery when rigid cranial stabilization is desired and when intraoperative imaging is used.

PMI offers solutions for iCT as well as for iMRI supported procedures.

All DORO LUCENT® head holder systems allow the attachment of neuro navigation devices, retractor systems and other accessories.


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