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ASC is a global medical technology company focused on developing and selling creative and smart surgical technologies. ASC recognizes the challenges of surgical procedures, and meets those challenges by working directly with physicians, operating room personnel, and building corporate partnerships. ASC has established a global presence across 6 continents. ASC’s manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters is based in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. All ASC products are made in the United States. Certified to ISO 13485 standards.

ASC neurosurgical patties, strips, and cotton specialty products are innovatively designed to provide specific benefits across a wide variety of neurosurgery, orthopedic, ENT, and general surgical procedures. All ASC neurosurgical patties, strips, surgical sponges, and specialty products are designed to protect vital tissue by helping to keep your surgical field clean and dry by efficiently absorbing fluids, helping to manage bleeding, and preventing inadvertent contact between instruments such as retractors that could produce debris. All ASC products are X-ray detectable and made in the United States.